A Small Step Away
A Giant Leap in Value

Welcome to Lee Garden Three, the latest addition to Hysan’s portfolio of premium office buildings in Causeway Bay.
20 floors of Grade A offices and first-class amenities are ready for new tenants in late 2017.


Rising above vibrant and exciting Causeway Bay, Lee Garden Three offers paramount proximity, unprecedented accessibility and extraordinary business diversity. This elite new A-Grade office tower joins the prestigious Lee Gardens Offices hub and a community of esteemed global corporates. Designed to maximise efficiency throughout its office spaces with first-class facilities, this latest offering is the perfect launch pad for local and international firms to propel themselves towards regional success.

A haven of premium office space just minutes away from Central, Lee Garden Three is situated in a transportation hub which provides tenants with greater work scheduling flexibility while creating a wealth of opportunities. Arriving at this tower is effortlessly convenient, with an exclusive covered drop-off area for cars and approximately 950 car park spaces across the Lee Gardens office portfolio, including 200 within the tower itself. Eminently walkable, a massive 2 million sq. ft. lifestyle hub adjoins the tower throughout Lee Gardens Area.

Located at the heart of Causeway Bay, Lee Garden Offices fosters a healthy work-life balance among your top talent, with an inexhaustible selection of exciting and diverse dining, unparalleled shopping and a thriving streetscape that hosts popular lifestyle brands.

Lee Garden Three Transportation Map

Lee Gardens Plus is a membership club for those who are part of the Lee Gardens community: comprising mainly of staff of office tenants, retail tenants, and residents of Bamboo Grove and Lee Gardens Apartments.

You’ll find a host of exclusive offers and exciting activities waiting for you! Stay tuned and make the most of your time at Lee Gardens!

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With an average 91% space efficiency, the possibilities for shaping your office in your brand’s image and maximising operation efficiency are endless.

Superior details include exceptional 2.9-metres of clear headroom, raised floors, energy efficient LED lighting, an inter-floor staircase and executive washrooms with showers. Whether you are aiming for a traditional office plan or a more contemporary setup, you will find the flexibility you need to make your brand a reality.


From the moment your clients enter the spacious, welcoming lobby with its attached covered drop-off area, a successful first impression is just about assured. Awash in natural light and verdant greenery, this BEAM Plus Provisional Platinum and the LEED Gold precertified tower embodies ground-breaking sustainable design, culminating in a unique sky garden and rooftop terrace that embraces the sun.

Honours for Lee Garden Three:

LEED - Gold

This project has achieved LEED® for Building Design and Construction: Core and Shell Development precertification at the Gold level

BEAM Plus – Platinum

This project has achieved BEAM Plus for New Construction at Provisional Platinum level

Premier Property Company

Lee Garden Three is the latest development from Hysan, a premier property company with nearly a century’s history in Hong Kong. Its award-winning, best in class approach to service are reflected in its numerous properties throughout the district, which have grown and transformed alongside Causeway Bay to create a truly astounding hub of success.

Tenants of Lee Garden Three and Lee Gardens Offices have a partner that prioritises sustainable innovation, an ongoing asset enhancement approach to business and mutual long-term success. All of these factors enable your organisation to focus on what it does best, in a place designed to be the best.

Honours for Hysan Place:

LEED - Platinum

Leadership in Energy and Environment Design standard
– at the platinum level

MIPIM Asia Award

Best Mixed-Use Development – Gold Award winner 2012

ULI Global Awards for Excellence

Urban Land Institute “Global Awards for Excellence” – winner 2013

BEAM – Platinum

HKGBC Beam Plus NB V1.1 2013



Lee Garden Three’s advanced environmental design specifications, recognized by both LEED and Hong Kong BEAM Plus, deliver proven business benefits.

High energy and space efficiencies yield clear cost benefits; flexibility for layout configuration and refurbishment is ensured; continuity planning is facilitated; and the healthier working conditions also enhance motivation and productivity. It’s a case of perfect performance that is unique in Hong Kong.

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